Loyola University Andalucía, sponsored by the Society of Jesus, places the individual at the center of educational action and of its transforming mission in the world. The university’s concept of the person, and the place that he or she is called to occupy in the world, is inspired in the Christian faith – a faith understood as a star that shines on humanity as Jesus did, to be able to serve and advocate just works.

The Evangelization and Dialogue Service of the University (SED) is a space known to especially care for the growth of persons and of groups in the global university framework. It does so by promoting reflection on the major issues of concern for men and women today, in dialogue with the values and the sources of Ignatian spirituality. It promotes openness to transcendence and the encounter with God as a key to understanding oneself and reality. It urges solidarity as a responsible, active and compassionate practice toward the most disadvantaged.

From Loyola SED, along with the team and group of collaborators, we encourage all the members of the university community (students, faculty, administrative and service staff) to identify with the values that we promote and present as the pillars to ground your life

José María Valverde Viqueira SJ


Juan Romero González

Ignacio Andrio Lejarza

Óscar Cala Lopez