How will I know if I have been admitted to the Universidad Loyola?

When your university has told us of your participation in the exchange and you have sent us your application form, you will receive an admission message from our university.

What documents do I have to send to the Universidad Loyola once selected by my university?

You only have to send your application form.

When do I have to be at the Universidad Loyola?

The welcome session for the first semester takes place during the beginning of September. In the second semester, it takes place at the beginning of February. It is required that all international students attend these welcome sessions.

Does the Universidad Loyola have student residences?

No, Universidad Loyola does not have residences. We have agreements with the company Solrent to ensure accommodation for our international students in Cordoba. In Seville, Universidad Loyola has an agreement with the company Room Sevilla which offers shared rooms in the center of the city and come fully equipped. They have international staff who is a very attentive to the needs of international students.

For more information visit our section on Accommodation.

Who can help me with accommodation?

Members of the Loyola 360 group can help you.

What documents do I need for enrollment?
To make your registration at Universidad Loyola, you will need:
  • 2 pictures, passport size.
  • Photocopy of passport or identity card.
  • Photocopy of medical insurance card or European Health Card.
  • Nomination letter from the university.

We will provide you with the documents and enrolment information during the welcome session.

Where can I enroll?

You can enrol in the Secretariat at the Universidad Loyola.

What is the enrolment deadline for the University of Loyola Andalucía?

For year-long and first semester students, the enrolment period begins the first day of the welcome session and ends in the mid-October. For second semester students, enrolment may be done in the last two weeks of January.

Do I need to fill out any type of document before returning to my country?

For our part, no, but you should check if you need us to sign or send any type of document to your university. In reference to your marks, two original copies will be sent to your centre, one for them and another for you.

Do I need to pay anything upon arrival?

All the students have to pay a 45 euros administrative fee, which includes the Civil Responsability Insurance.

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